Corsec LPN

Simultaneously pursue multiple certifications across different countries, utilizing various labs

What Is The Corsec LPN?

Corsec’s Lab Partnership Network (LPN) contains a tiered system of vetted FIPS 140-2 and Common Criteria Evaluation Labs from around the globe; all with formal Corsec agreements on quality and standard operating procedures.
Reduce resource constraints
Expedite projects completion
Streamline operations and predict milestones
Ensure Continuity of Operations
Eliminates common roadblocks and pitfalls
Reduced time to market for certified products

Ensure certification coverage across Enterprise product offerings; protecting your team from delays and setbacks

Members of the Corsec LPN must adhere to and pass strict requirements for Testing, IP Protection, and Staffing

Quality & Security Audit Requirements:

Process & Vendor IP Protection Suitability

Personally Visited & Evaluated for Quality

Secured Network & Connectivity

Physical Access Control

Monitored Lab Staff Levels & Expertise

Lab Management Benefits:

Continuity of Operations & Accountability

One Point of Contact through Subcontracting

Single Master Services Agreement & Contract

Reduced Legal & Contracting Costs

Backup to Protect Against Lab Failure