Infrastructure Support

You commit countless hours and dollars towards research, design, development, testing, and deployment of your solution. In today’s complex security environment, it is imperative that you take every step possible to secure this investment by protecting your intellectual property with the right tools and infrastructure support.

Potential Threats

Corsec’s services are designed to provide you with the highest level of security for your Intellectual Property, including the protection of source code, internal components, and your product’s physical housing from all kinds of threats:

  • Product Damage
  • Espionage
  • Hacking
  • Product Leaks
  • Internal and External Vulnerabilities
  • Theft

Secure Your Intellectual Property

Corsec’s custom engineered laboratory in Herndon, Virginia, outside metropolitan Washington, DC, meets industry security requirements for connectivity and physical access. In addition, Corsec’s security experts are all extensively trained and cleared to work with highly sensitive information, ensuring that every product is monitored and safeguarded to guarantee each and every client investment.

Corsec’s commitment to securing and preserving your IP is second to none. By ensuring supply chain and product access security, you can rest assured knowing your IP is safe, secure, and in the hands of trusted security experts.

Corsec’s laboratory is custom designed to protect all aspects of your Intellectual Property.

Secured Connectivity

  • Redundant fiber optic connectivity
  • High Availability firewall configuration
  • Switched gigabit LAN (with 10GB capability)
  • VLAN architecture
  • Isolated lab VLAN, which can be further isolated as needed

Physical Security

  • Electronically-controlled and logged two-factor access portal that exceeds Common Criteria requirements
  • Independent environmental controls with backup to ensure safe and continued operation
  • Security monitoring system with video recording 24/7/365
  • Limited physical access control policy
  • Personnel and logical material controls
  • Up to 40U rack space per customer. Additional requirements can be accommodated through explicit agreement
  • Per-rack UPS protection