Corsec - Security Certifications ROI
The need for product security is at an all time high. Security Certifications are now mandated for Federal government procurement and are required in highly regulated markets around the globe.
Given your unique market drivers, competitive landscape, and organizational goals, Security Certifications like FIPS 140-2, Common Criteria, and listing on the DoDIN APL may be required of your product. In addition to meeting customer guidelines, Security Certifications provide substantial Return on Investment (ROI).
Increased Financial Returns

Product security certifications are an effective way to competitively position a product in the security market. A FIPS 140-2 validation, Common Criteria certification, or listing on the DoDIN APL can open doors to significant new revenue opportunities for companies, within both North American and global public sectors as well as the global private sector. These security certifications can be used as marketing tools to break into new areas of business and tap into previously untouched markets.

Strengthen Product Security

Technology has changed at a staggering rate, accompanied by an increase in the sophistication of cyber threats. U.S. and international governments are now protecting critical infrastructures by requiring security certifications for specific products. Government best practices are increasingly being adopted by the private sector, such as energy, utilities, health care, and financial services; making products with security certifications highly sought after for many security sensitive networks around the world.

Improve Corporate Branding

Security certifications offer assurance to organization’s customers, investors and shareholders that the company is committed to maintaining the highest levels of product security. Industries around the globe are looking for products that have gone through the rigors of security certifications, and are now backed by countries worldwide. Perhaps the foremost reason that a product vendor pursues security certifications, is to reinforce or gain a competitive edge.

 Additional Benefits to Security Certifications:

Shorten time to market: eliminate the stress of missing deadlines
Validation to your customers that your product maintains the highest levels of security
Access to untapped markets that require certification for entry
A competitive advantage over uncertified security solutions