Corsec Security Inc - About Us

For 20 years, Corsec Security, Inc® (“Corsec”), has assisted companies through the security certification and validation process. We are a privately-owned company that partners with organizations worldwide to offer comprehensive security certification solutions. Our three step methodology helps our partners complete security certifications the first time through. This approach has helped secure products in all industries, from storage devices to satellites. Our broad knowledge safeguards against common pitfalls and thwarts delays, translating to a swift and seamless path to certification. Corsec has created the benchmark for providing business leaders with fast and flexible information on security and industry knowledge.

Why Corsec

Corsec’s Experience Sets Us Apart

Corsec’s broad knowledge safeguards against common pitfalls and thwarts delays that derail most certification projects. This translates to products getting to market quicker and with fewer engineering setbacks. In the nearly two decades that Corsec has been in the business, we have worked with a multitude of companies from start-ups to the Fortune 50, with products ranging from mobile phones to satellites. With this experience, clients gain confidence knowing that the challenges they are facing have been met and tackled many times before.


Global Clients

Companies from five continents have come to Corsec to get hundreds of products through security certifications and validations; products ranging from space-based artificial satellites to next generation firewalls. Our team stays up to date on changes in technology and advancements in the security industry in order to understand potential challenges and roadblocks your product may face when achieving certifications.


Corsec History

Corsec Founding

John Morris and Matt Appler knew there had to be a better way. After helping to found and operate one of the original three FIPS testing laboratories, they watched product vendors stumble through the maze of requirements in the FIPS 140-2 validation process, which often resulted in frustration, missed deadlines, redundancy, and ultimately, lost revenue opportunities. They recognized the need to do things differently on behalf of product vendors; the need for a guide to take companies through this confusing process, an advocate to help the product vendor, a system of checks and quality controls, and a process for assuring validation would be on time and within budget.

In 1998, they founded Corsec, the ‘core of Corporate Security,’ with a clear vision: to provide companies with a turnkey solution for security validations and third-party certifications, within a system of assured quality. Launching into a competitive field, they knew that their ability to excel would result from nothing else but the intelligence, determination, and drive of their people.

Corsec Today

Corsec’s partners receive critical guidance and expertise to meet their most important business challenges in product security and attaining third-party certifications and security validations. Corsec draws from its global network of carefully-vetted third-party accredited laboratories and internal team of highly qualified professionals in the fields of information security and interoperability to guide partners through FIPS 140-2, Common Criteria, and the DoDIN APL; done once, done right.

Over two decades, Corsec has grown significantly, becoming a global leader in product and corporate security, offering a combination of security services, competencies, and expertise. Corsec has become a top career option for the best graduates and security professionals worldwide. From it’s founding, Corsec has focused on building a world-class firm that invested in systems and processes, would attract the best and brightest talent in the market, ultimately ensuring our partners are able to secure their products, their brand, and their bottom line.

What Our Clients Are Saying

“Corsec was excellent to work with in getting our Nutanix product line Common Criteria-certified. We look forward to working with them again on future projects, and highly recommend them to other organizations wanting to get their products certified.”
– John Jensen

“Caymas is delighted to have worked with Corsec’s exceptional staff on quickly and efficiently achieving FIPS 140-2 validation. The high quality of work produced paired with their resourceful project management positively reflects upon the expertise of the company.”
– Sridhar Venkatesh

“Due to Corsec’s exceptional services, Sterling Commerce achieved our FIPS 140-2 validation several months ahead of schedule. Corsec’s experienced staff did an amazing job of managing the effort from start to finish which resulted in a very smooth and efficient product validation.”
– Shryl Tidmore

“Corsec Security has the experience and expertise we needed to ensure a smooth and expedited Common Criteria certification process. With the Corsec team guiding us through the rigorous requirements, we were able to complete the process quickly and efficiently.”
– Steve Williams

Corsec is fortunate to have hundreds of partners globally who recognized our efforts as being crucial to their success:

Corsec Values

At Corsec, we attribute our long-term success to acting in the best interest of our clients and always striving for excellence. Our many clients who have been with us for almost two decades serve as testimony to our underlying values and tenets of success.


Our employees are true security experts at heart. From ethical hackers to cryptographers, network security specialists and business and market strategists, we are committed to providing clients with the best guidance in the industry.


We are not just excellent at what we do, we are relentlessly focused on being the best at what we do. Our clients can point to the dedication and professionalism of our teams and our willingness to go the extra mile.


We go to the heart of clients’ business challenges and products. We ask questions and sketch outcomes. We engage in a continuous dialog with partners to ensure every available option has been exhausted and the final path, is truly the best path.


It is about the client. Period. We look at certifications as a market enabler and, as such, we are judicious in our approach and work to ensure our clients get the best possible ROI from their efforts.


We ensure our certification efforts today enable our clients’ market focus tomorrow. For 20 years and counting, our partners have relied on our strategic thinking to future-proof their investments in certifications and security validations against the changing global requirements and competition.


Our integrity is central to every interaction we have and is integral to how we do business.