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Which FIPS Validation Is Right? 140-2 or 140-3?

This is a very frequently asked question, and we have been fielding questions from clients on how to deal with FIPS 140-3 for years now. But, for years the advice has uniformly been: “Don’t worry about FIPS 140-3; you only need to deal with FIPS 140-2 right now.” But that’s a very unsatisfying answer, especially when there have been folks actively proclaiming “Woe betide ye


CC Certification: Important Factors

Congratulations! You’ve decided to pursue Common Criteria certification for your information technology security product. Now what? The single most important factor that will influence whether your product is certified on schedule is not the product itself; it’s how you manage the certification process. So before you embark…

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Maximize Your Certification ROI – New Corsec Webinar

Your certification or validation was a significant investment of both time and money for your company. While a certification or validation can be a substantial revenue generator for your company, it will only be so if it keeps up with any changes added to your product.  Over time your product will undoubtedly be enhanced, whether by new features or by bug fixes. Given the care and effort you have invested in your product development strategy, it is critical to also have a product revalidation strategy in order to maintain a validation or certification on your currently available products.

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Webinar: Moving Through DoDIN APL Testing Efficiently

If you’ve heard of DoDIN APL, you probably have a list of questions. DoDIN APL (which stands for The Department of Defense Information Network Approved Products List) is a directory of IT security products that have completed both Information Assurance (IA) and Interoperability (IO) testing and certification. Attaining inclusion in the APL can be an avenue to new revenue opportunities, but like anything involving federal approval, it’s not an easy road.

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