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FIPS Inside: Is It Right For Me?

Implementing a FIPS 140-2 validation into your product is a great way to strengthen your solution, enhance your brand, and secure your bottom line. When pursuing FIPS, you will be faced with difficult and often confusing …

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Maximize ROI: Market Your Certification

Taking the time, effort and resources to achieve FIPS or Common Criteria certification or UC APL listing is a big deal. It’s not an insignificant investment, and when it’s finally completed, you want to see a significant return, right? The most obvious solution is just to sell more product. And while this may seem both simple and obvious, we all know…

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The True Cost of FIPS 140-2 Validation

The benefits of getting FIPS 140-2 validation for your product shouldn’t be underestimated. Your FIPS 140-2 validation demonstrates your integrity and commitment to providing your customers with compliant security products and systems. But the validation process can be time consuming, complex and is an investment not to be taken lightly. So, while planning…


Why You Need Common Criteria Certification and How to Get There

In the IT security industry, research and development teams continually race to introduce new products, while at the same time, project teams improve upon existing offerings—all scrambling to ensure that the latest versions meet security functional and assurance requirements. The goal is to bring the strongest and most secure…


Budgeting for Certifications: Avoid Cost Creep

Budgeting for a Common Criteria Certification can be difficult, but it’s not impossible. Understanding how to create your certification budget, and taking the necessary steps to follow through with that budget, can reduce your costs and simplify the certification process. We are frequently asked, “How much does certification cost…

FIPS 140, CSfC, Common Criteria, UC APL

You Have Your Validation, Now Use It To Sell

Where is the most money lost in a validation? I know this is a question my customers ask themselves while making a decision on how to achieve validation. A) Is it the consultant? B) Is it in the testing laboratory? C) Is it the scope of the process? I’ll let you in on an insider secret—the correct answer is “none of the above.” You won’t lose big in validations, or in any direct expense…

FIPS 140, CSfC, Common Criteria, UC APL

Is There Value in Maintaining Your Security Validation?

Once you have spent the time and money to pursue a security validation, you’re all done, right? Well, not exactly. However, the good news is that it isn’t hard or expensive to maintain your validation.

For most security validations, the validation applies to a specific version of hardware and software. At the beginning of your evaluation you must choose which versions of your product you are taking through the validation process. 

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Watch A Webinar by Corsec

Maximize Your Certification ROI – New Corsec Webinar

Your certification or validation was a significant investment of both time and money for your company. While a certification or validation can be a substantial revenue generator for your company, it will only be so if it keeps up with any changes added to your product.  Over time your product will undoubtedly be enhanced, whether by new features or by bug fixes. Given the care and effort you have invested in your product development strategy, it is critical to also have a product revalidation strategy in order to maintain a validation or certification on your currently available products.

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