Sunsetting of FIPS 140-2 Products

Over 1,500 FIPS 140-2 validated products will be facing archival by CMVP by 2017.

Recently, CMVP, the governing body which oversees FIPS 140-2 validations, laid out guidelines and new regulations for validations in two distinct areas:

Sunsetting of products validated prior to 2012

If your validation took place prior to January 1st 2012, then CMVP could soon place your product on an unprocurable solutions list which ultimately will need to revalidate. 

De-listing of products using RNGs

Additionally, all certifications that use Random Number Generators (RNG), as well as certifications that use both the NIST 800-90A DRBG and RNG will be required to re-validate, otherwise, they will be placed on an unprocurable products list which mandates reaffirmation with CMVP that you can meet the new standards.

In addition to this guidance, there are a number of other regulations that CMVP laid out during the most recent ICMC. 

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