IP Protection: Are You Asking The Right Questions?

Would you buy a house without properly securing all the windows and doors? Would you trust a bank that didn’t require ID and a password before granting access to your account? If we don’t take risks in protecting our personal property, why would we take risks when protecting our company’s Intellectual Property (IP)?

World class security companies make strategic investments in tools, people, processes, and infrastructure to ensure that IP is protected. When it comes to selecting a security partner, it’s imperative that you know exactly what to look for and ensure security standards and requirements meet the highest criteria for IP protection. Asking the right questions around physical security, access control, environmental controls, and supply chain are essential. Without taking proper precautions, you could be leaving your IP vulnerable to risks that could dismantle your organization from within.

Not sure what type of security measures to require of your partner? Here are a few good questions to start with:

  • Does the security certification firm use two-factor authentication to mitigate the risk of any individual accessing sensitive account information?
  • Does the partner perform background checks on project team members?
  • What kind of information control does the partner employ (i.e., is information only shared on a “need to know” bases, keeping your IP and sensitive information within a limited pool of personnel?
  • Where is the lab located and who has access to the building?

Here are the areas Corsec discusses with our partners to ensure we are completely protecting their IP through Infrastructure Support:

Security Questionnaire

Is your partner covering your assets?

We are happy to help you answer any questions and assist you as you look towards product hardening and security certification – mitigate the costly risks associated with the process for FIPS 140-2, Common Criteria, and listing on the DoDIN APL.

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