Harris Secures Portable Radios Under FIPS 140-2 With Corsec’s Help

We are pleased to announce that our partner, Harris, has successfully completed the Federal Information Processing Standards 140-2 (FIPS 140-2) validation for their product, the Harris AES Load Module (HALM).  With Corsec’s help, this module will now help ensure that their portable terminal radios offer secured lines of communication for all that use them.  The certification underscores Harris’s commitment to helping federal organizations and global enterprises secure products. Corsec is pleased and excited to have helped them reach such a monumental goal.  Find out more about their certification here.

From first responders to our nations battlefields, secured communication plays a vital role in relaying sensitive and timely information.  Over the past two decades, Corsec has worked with industry leaders in the communication field to certify products and protect those that use them.  Corsec’s demonstrated expertise in the this domain, ensures companies like Harris have a shortened go to market cycle.  As a result, Corsec has been working with companies to help secure communication based solutions under various security certifications.

About FIPS 140-2

The FIPS 140-2 standard is a joint effort by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) in the United States, and the Communications Security Establishment Canada (CSEC), under the Canadian government.  The Cryptographic Module Validation Program (CMVP), headed by NIST, provides module and algorithm testing for FIPS 140-2, which applies to Federal agencies using validated cryptographic modules to protect sensitive government data in computer and telecommunication systems.  FIPS 140-2 provides stringent third-party assurance of security claims on any product containing cryptography that may be purchased by a government agency.

The FIPS standard, which is mandated by law in the U.S. and very strictly enforced in Canada, is also currently being reviewed by ISO to become an international standard.  FIPS 140-2 is gaining worldwide recognition as an important benchmark for third party validations of encryption products of all kinds.

About The Harris Radio Product Lines 

Harris’s comprehensive line of software-defined radio products and systems support the critical missions of countless public and private agencies, federal and state agencies, and government, defense, and peacekeeping organizations throughout the world.  This firmware module helps support and secure voice and data communications by providing Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) algorithm encryption/decryption.

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