Winning Strategies for FED

For many companies, navigating the requirements for FED can be daunting – what should they look out for, what can they expect in the field, and what comes first?

One of our clients shared the following standard questions needed to be answered prior to being invited to partner, work with, or respond to RFPs for FED business. Your team can expect to be asked the same:

  • Are you currently deployed in any Federal Government agencies?

No – we will listen but we are not compelled to be the first

  • Are you accredited?

No – Your product must pass a security audit review by a Government Official to gain approval to operate on the network

  • Are you FIPS 140-2 Validated?

No – Call us back when you are, deploying your product will cost more to mitigate than the cost savings of buying it

  • Are you IPv6 Compliant?

No – This is a requirement of products on the DoD network

  • What other certifications do you have? 

Common Criteria – A requirement for Civilian Agencies.

DoD APL – A requirement for the Department of Defense

These are the initial door openers, or closers, to building momentum either through the channel (Reseller/VAR/SI), or directly with FED agencies.

If you are looking for guidance or to chart a path forward, not just in FED but in other Regulated Industries, our team of experts is here to help – speak with a member of our team and get a detailed understanding of the total addressable market for FED and timelines, costs, and requirements for expanding your FED presence.

You can also read other myths and misconceptions that often stump or lead companies down an improper path when evaluating security certifications:

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