DISA’s September News
  • DISA receives clean audit hired by the Office of the Inspector General
  • DISA cuts rates by 50% for the DoD Mobility Program
  • Air Force Col John T. Caranta III assumes command of the Joint Spectrum Center (JSC)
  • Space surveillance satellite supported by DISA run network
NIST’s September News
Policy Change:
  • Per published NIST notifications, all non-56B-compliant key transport schemes will be disallowed in the US government after 2017
Special PUBs:
  • Second Draft Special Publication 800-125A, Security Recommendations for Hypervisor Deployment
  • Draft Special Publication 800-177 Revision 1, Trustworthy Email
  • Special Publication 800-190: Application Container Security Guide
New Releases:
  • NIST Initial Report 8192: Enhancing Resilience of the Internet and Communications Ecosystem
  • NIST Initial Report 8183: Cybersecurity Framework Manufacturing Profile


NIAP’s September News


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