Monthly FED Roundup – August 2016

DISA’s August News

  • DISA releases its Three-Tiered Approach to Cloud Computing
  • DISA assists DoD cloud service providers with the Cloud Provisional Authorization (PA) process

NIST’s August News

  • A release was published on Post-Quantum Cryptography – for more information on the subject as well as notes from recent Post-Quantum events, please read Corsec’s blog post
  • The Computer Security Division’s Annual Report is now available
  • A Special Publication on Lightweight Cryptography has been released
  • A revision to the Protecting Controlled Unclassified Information in Nonfederal Information Systems and Organizations is now public
  • NIST has released two Special Publication on “Guideline for Using Cryptographic Standards In the Federal Government”.  The first covers Directives, Mandates and Policies while the second describes appropriate Cryptographic Mechanisms

NIAP’s August News

  • A new draft Network Device collaborative Protection Profile (NDcPP) with supporting documents has been released for public review and comments

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