Your Security Strategy – Are You At Risk?

$7 Million Dollars – According to a recent study by IBM, that’s the average cost of a security breach. The overall brand damage can be catastrophic, huge financial losses and customer abandonment. Companies like Target and JPMorgan are still dealing with the aftermath from breaches. The ramifications can last years, or even worse, put you under.

Avoiding these scenarios with proper product certifications is fundamental. For software, hardware, and firmware solutions, a FIPS 140-2 validation, Common Criteria evaluation, or listing on the DoDIN APL helps harden product security, BUT cutting corners on your certifications could still cost you.

When you work with a partner or lab, you’re extending your workforce, augmenting your engineering, and entrusting your development to others during each phase of your certification effort. This partner will play a large role in the security of your brand – asking the right questions upfront ensures protection of your product and your company:

  • Are you in a secured facility and how do you enforce controlled access?
  • Is your staff properly trained, including cleared background checks?
  • What is your supply chain policy for IP protection and qualify assurance?

These are just three of the larger issues that could put your brand at risk. Remember, you get what you pay for.

Corsec offers all of our partners the highest level of IP protection. Our Turnkey Solution to certifications and state of the art Infrastructure Support ensures your certification is done once, and done right.

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