A Message From Matthew Appler, Corsec CEO:

Our hope when we first founded Corsec was to provide valuable consulting services to the best IT security companies in the world. Twenty years later when we look back at the customers we have been so fortunate to work with, we are very proud of the things we have helped them accomplish.

We have had the honor of being part of many significant events in our industry. We watched as the new Advanced Encryption Standard was developed and helped our customers implement this new algorithm. We were present in Baltimore, MD in 2000 for the signing of the first Common Criteria Mutual Recognition Agreement and assisted our customers in meeting requirements worldwide.

We hope the next 20 years will be as amazing as the first 20.

Thank you very much to all of our customers, partners, and industry friends who have helped make us the company we are today!

We look forward to continued success and building on the milestones we have already achieved:
  • 1,000+ Projects Supported
  • 500+ Certification Efforts Completed
  • 450 Unique Product Consultations
  • 1.6 million Hours of Validation Services Delivered
  • 5 Continents Served
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