CMUF Monthly Update: June

The deadline is approaching for vendors that were moved to the Historical List because of their RNG use.  July 1 is the last day that a lab can submit a no-cost 3Sub to move a module from the Historical List to the Validated list. For more information see our previous posts on who has been affected and what you can do to get back on the procurable list.

Starting July 1, if a lab does not provide a response to the CMVP’s comments documented on the Lab report within 120 days the module will be removed from the Modules in Process list.  A module can be restated at any time on the Modules in Process list by responding to the CMVP comments. There are currently only 7 modules that are in danger of being removed from the Modules in Process list. For more information read our full post on the subject.

CMVP posted a new IG A.10 and an draft update to IG A.5 on the CMUF Online Forum – IG A.10 Requirements for Vendor Affirmation to SP 800-38G was published 6/17/16.

The updated CMVP IG document is available on the CMVP web site.

The Modules “In Process” list is now updated daily.

The CMUF has several new working groups:

  • Integrity Testing using Random Sampling WG – This group will develop a possible new IG that will allow products to run power-on integrity tests on a statistically significant sample of the modules image instead of the entire image. This group will also discuss if the algorithm known answer tests can be handled the same way.
  • Testing Equivalency WG – This group will be developing an argument for testing equivalency to reduce the amount of lab testing needed on very similar modules.
  • Revalidation in response to CVEs WG – This group will be looking at how the CMVP could provide a rapid revalidation of a product when the only change is to address a vulnerability.