CMUF Monthly Update: July

Here are the monthly updates for July from the CMUF Members Meeting.

Changes to the In Process List:

One of the most noteworthy updates is that the CMVP will be splitting the Modules in Process list into two separate lists:

  1. IUT List – For all modules that are under tests (Previously block 1)
  2. Modules in Process list – for all modules that are submitted to CMVP and in their process (Previously blocks 2-5)

This could change government purchasing requirements, delaying vendor’s from selling their products until modules are on the new Modules in Process list (module submitted to CMVP).

Billing Changes:

NIST will be shutting down their billing department for the last two weeks of September. Any payments or requested invoices after Sept 20th will be processed on October 1. Vendors need to keep this in mind if they have a product submission in late September or early October. The CMVP will only work on modules that they have confirmed payment for.

This is especially important this year as the CMVP Cost Recovery fees go up on October 1. Therefore, if a vendor requests a IUTB invoice (IG G.16) from CMVP to get the lower CMVP Cost Recovery fee, they need to submit it BEFORE September 21st.            

Working Groups:

  • Security Policy Template Working Group
  • Integrity Test using Random Sampling Working Group
  • Testing Equivalency Working Group
  • Revalidation in response to CVEs Working Group
  • Update IG 7.7 Working Group

Additional Information:

For more information please contact Jake Nelson at or by phone at 703-267-6050 x122.

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