CCUF Management Board Election Results

The Common Criteria Users Forum (CCUF), which serves as a voice amongst the Common Criteria community recently held elections for its management board.

Corsec’s Matt Keller, who has served as the Vice Chair for the past 4 years, has been re-elected to the board and will continue to contribute to the CC community as well as to the evolution of the criteria.

“I was pleased that we continue to have vendors, labs, and consultants all represented in the Management Group.  There is still work to be done to maintain and expand mutual recognition; embrace and seek out new markets where the CC can be applied (e.g., healthcare, automotive, finance, etc.); and determine the methods for the CCUF, or subgroups within the CCUF, to be more proactive regarding national and international policies. ” said Mr. Keller.

Corsec’s involvement with the CCUF and other security certification communities allows us to provide clients with the most up to date information on changes within the industry.

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