Corsec Discusses Product Security At BlackHat

BlackHat USA is on the horizon and product security enhancement is a huge focal point this year. Modern-day cryptography provides a level of security that was previously unimagined, but how do we ensure that the precautionary steps we are taking are sufficient to protect our products from prevailing attacks and hackers?

Evaluate Your Crypto and Protect Your Investments:

Security certifications like FIPS 140-2, Common Criteria and listing on the DoD’s UC APL utilize new mathematical theories and industry-driven computer science practices that safeguard our products and meet the stringent government requirements mandated for product hardening and security by our customers.

In the last year we have seen three new major vulnerabilities, all exploiting weak cryptography. Enhancing the security of your product helps ensure market credibility, future business, and customer confidence.

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Eliminate Competition, Increase Revenue, Improve Customer Confidence, and Secure Your Bottom Line:

Corsec has been helping organizations of all sizes achieve security certification and validation for nearly two decades. With the largest team of engineering experts, and over 425 certifications, Corsec leads the market in security certification validations.

A successful FED strategy starts with understanding the landscape, requirements, and development of a comprehensive security solution that adheres to third party guidelines.

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