Corsec Assessment

Avoid speculation over wide ranging estimates, conflicting timelines, and confusing requirements

Your First Step: Corsec’s Assessment

To help reduce risk, increase security, and accelerate your sales, Corsec offers companies a “First Step” in the certification evaluation process. Our interactive Assessment provides a holistic view of the certification landscape; giving you all the information you need to select a path to certification that is best suited for your product and certification objectives.


70% of Failed Projects Occur Due to Poor Planning and Project Management

What We Do: Design A Strategy That Fits You

Certifications are fraught with uncertainties and challenges which if not properly understood and addressed can lead to delays, re-engineering, and significant opportunity costs.
Corsec’s team works directly with you to understand your company objectives and resource constraints to present you with the most efficient and effective path to certification. After an in depth analysis of critical success factors, your team is presented with a path that avoids common pitfalls, eliminates risk, reduces disruptions, and increase time to revenue.
Corsec’s Assessment has broken the mold on a “One Size Fits All” approach to certification analysis; presenting all your potential options, paired with their associated benefits and constrains.
Corsec presents all the options available to you based on your products, company goals, competition, certification strategy, and customer drivers.
This complete picture outlines all required design changes, human capital requirements, project timelines, and budgets; allowing you to select the path best suited to your needs.

How We Do It: Develop A Customized Blueprint

Corsec’s Assessment is a 2 day highly engaging and interactive session with your team which goes beyond analyzing your product’s security gaps to addressing your company’s overall preparedness for completing certifications.
While working with your Sales, Marketing, Operations, Product Development, and Legal teams, Corsec develops the blueprint for successfully completing certifications – Guaranteed!
Assessment Framework & Structure:
  • Education & Landscape
  • Certification Planning
  • Organizational Requirements & Strategy
  • Product Review & Design Analysis
  • Enumeration of Potential Paths, Levels, & Boundary
  • Intellectual Property Protection & Other Considerations
  • Approach & Recommendations
Services & Outputs:
  • Libraries & Cryptographic Health Analysis
  • User I&A/AAA Analysis
  • Vulnerability Assessment & Patch/Update Strategy
  • Product Architecture & Security Review
  • Documentation, Testing, & Program Requirements
  • Budget Framework and Certification Timeline Review
  • Engineering Impact Analysis (Gaps & Human Capital)
  • Identification of the Evaluation Target
After this assessment, your entire team will walk away with a clear understanding of the certification as well as all the information you need to start your project off right.