Corsec Advocate

Someone in your corner to stand up against erroneous and unnecessary requests and requirements

Who Is On Your Side?

The Government relies on labs to review products for adherence to requirements and regulations; monitored through a lab accreditation and demerit program.

This leads to labs applying requirements across broad product categories, enforcing unnecessary mandates, and rejecting claims in order to ease the Government review process.

You need someone one your side to advocate on behalf of your product and your claims; eliminating irrelevant and time consuming work that doesn’t apply to your project.

Corsec prides itself on being an independent certification adviser. We are not subject to the same restrictions and pressure placed on laboratories.

Someone In Your Corner

Corsec provides a Liaison to you during your project to combat unnecessary Lab & Scheme requirements, preventing extensions in your timeline and additional engineering development.

  • Scheme & Lab Intermediary to Defend Your Position
  • Eliminate Unnecessary Work & Requirements That Add Additional Layers to Projects
  • Corsec’s Global Perspective on Unwritten Rules & Exceptions (“Lore”) Prevents Project Delays & Schedule Slip
  • Experts on Certification Requirements & Processes (Approaches, Tradeoffs, Levels, Schemes, etc.)
  • DoD APL Support for STIG Selection/Justification/Authoring & Sponsor Coordination
  • 20 Years of Experience with Legislation & Working Groups

Unnecessary changes could add weeks or even months of work to your project