FIPS Webinars

Corsec FIPS 140-2 Webinar Library

Our free, on-demand webinars provide a wealth of important information on FIPS 140-2, Common Criteria and other topics related to information security. Please see below for a listing of our available webinars pertaining to FIPS 140-2.

Top 10 Myths About FIPS 140 Validation

We know there is a lot of erroneous information floating around FIPS validation, so view this webinar for expert insights on whether a vendor should begin working toward FIPS 140-3, how FIPS validated products have a competitive advantage in the government marketplace, the best time to pursue validation, potential challenges you may encounter, and strategies for success.

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Evaluating Return on Investment

This webinar provides a helpful overview of FIPS 140-2, Common Criteria and DoD UC APL validations. It addresses potential challenges to the validation process, and how to strategize your validation effort to meet those challenges to maximize ROI.

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FIPS 140-2 in Today’s Security Industry

Gain critical insights into the application and the scenarios that require FIPS 140-2 validation from experts who cover a range of topics, from the business benefits, to potential technology roadblocks, to government information including which directives demand validation, and information on UC-APL, and DISA.

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Investigation of DPA Resistance of Block RAMs in Cryptographic Implementations on FPGAs

Rebroadcast of Shaunak Shah’s presentation from The ReConFig 2010 Conference. This presentation covers the threat of Side Channel Analysis (SCA) to the security of cryptographic implementations and the most effective countermeasures that can increase security up to 18 fold.

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Maximizing Your Certification Investment

Corsec Chief Operating Officer Amy Nicewick and Corsec Lead Engineer Darryl Johnson provide detailed insight on maintaining your validations and certification through recertification, revalidation, and assurance continuities.

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