UC APL Complete Validation Solutions

Corsec provides complete UC APL validation solutions that save you time, money and resources. Our deep understanding of UC APL requirements and processes, combined with our knowledge of FIPS 140-2, Common Criteria and IPV6 make us the right partner for your important UC APL effort.

Project Management

Our experts will manage every aspect of your UC APL certification from planning to completion so your team can focus on product development. We have the experience, relationships and qualified engineers to take you through the approval process faster and more smoothly, so you realize faster return on investment and the smoothest path to market.


  • Develop and maintain schedule encompassing 36-step approval process
  • Project stays on schedule so you stay on budget
  • Manage all lab and UCCO communications on your behalf

Document Creation and Submission:

Preparing documentation completely and accurately for UC APL inclusion can be difficult and time-consuming. Incomplete or incorrect submissions can halt the approval process, costing you in both time and money.

Let Corsec shoulder the burden of UC APL documentation. Our team prepares all the necessary paperwork for you. We work with all the major labs and understand their documentation requirements.


  • Drastically reduce the time it takes to prepare documentation
  • Documentation is submitted correctly the first time, eliminating multiple iterations and delays
  • Free your team from administrative burdens

FIPS 140-2 & Common Criteria Evaluations

UC APL acceptance often requires that your product attains FIPS 140-2 validation or Common Criteria certification; sometimes both. Corsec provides complete validation services so you receive these validations quickly, efficiently, and at lower cost than if you go it alone.


  • Reduced time to inclusion on UC APL
  • Fixed price helps you stay on budget
  • Free your engineering team for revenue-bearing projects
  • Select the testing lab that best fits your needs