FIPS Workshops

Delivered by Corsec experts, our FIPS workshops educate your team about the complexities of the validation process. Whether you choose to let Corsec manage your validation or decide to go it alone, by sharing our experience and addressing everything you need to know in advance during our onsite workshops, you’re better prepared for making that critical decision.

Requirements Analysis & Planning Workshop

Security validations are expensive, complex and time-consuming; and pre-planning, planning and post-planning are critical to your success. Corsec offers a two-day workshop that teaches you all you must know to strategically plan for and efficiently obtain FIPS 140-2 validation.

Who it’s for:

  • C-level staff
  • Engineers
  • Financial staff
  • Marketing staff
  • Federal sales teams

How this workshop benefits you:

  • Saves you travel time because we come to you, either at your offices or at a location of your choice
  • Prepares you with all you need to know before you begin the validation process
  • Provides you with information necessary to maximize your validation ROI
  • Helps you organize and map out your needs so you can make the right business decision about whether to pursue validation

What you receive:

  • Custom Compliance Report that will serve as a product-specific road map to validation
  • Custom price quote to help you decide whether to engage with us, with no obligation or commitment of any kind

Workshop Agenda

Day One

A thorough overview of the FIPS validation process:

  • What you need to get started
  • What FIPS validation is and what it can do for you
  • Eleven sections of FIPS requirements
  • How the validation process works
  • The role of the validation lab and what to expect when working with one
  • Potential industry applicability beyond government agencies
  • How product and documentation readiness affect validation cost and timeframe
  • Common obstacles and how to avoid them
  • Design and coding issues you must address

Day Two

We focus on your product as it relates to the FIPS validation process:

  • What your product does
  • Product architecture
  • How your product fits into the FIPS requirement set
  • Recommended level of evaluation
  • Level of effort required to achieve validation
  • Estimated evaluation costs and how best to control expenses
  • Eleven sections of FIPS requirements as they relate specifically to your product
  • Specific issues you might face as part of the development schedule
  • Understanding your market, competitors, business drivers, timeframes, and how we can help with each
  • Sales and marketing considerations
  • Corsec services overview: Design Consultation, Document Generation, Process Management

Sales Training Workshop

Our Sales Training workshop readies your sales and marketing teams to maximize the value of your FIPS validation in the market.

What your sales teams will learn:

  • The applicability of FIPS 140-2 in the marketplace
  • Explanations of validation terminology
  • How to use validation terminology to develop a strong sales pitch that resonates with government and corporate prospects
  • How to recognize product ROI while still in the validation process

At the conclusion of this two-day workshop, you’ll receive a Compliance Report and custom Competitor Validation Analysis, so you’ll know what your competition is doing in terms of FIPS 140-2 validation and where their vulnerabilities could be your opportunity.

To schedule your workshop or for information on pricing and availability, call us at (703) 267-6050, or email us at