Common Criteria Webinars

Corsec Common Criteria Webinar Library

Our free, on-demand webinars provide a wealth of important information on FIPS 140-2, Common Criteria and other topics related to information security. Please see below for a listing of our available webinars pertaining to Common Criteria.

Common Criteria for Cryptography

Does the Common Criteria framework make sense to apply to cryptographic products? Matt Keller presented on that topic at the 2012 ICCC. The presentation focused on finding a common set of requirements for cryptographic module validation.

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Common Criteria in Today’s Security Industry

Hear from the experts why Common Criteria is important, learn about changes to the Common Criteria certification process and business case, and understand how your products will encounter this ISO standard in the evaluation process. The webinar also covers about competitive landscape of the security industry.

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Investigation of DPA Resistance of Block RAMs in Cryptographic Implementations on FPGAs

Rebroadcast of Shaunak Shah’s presentation from The ReConFig 2010 Conference. This presentation covers the threat of Side Channel Analysis (SCA) to the security of cryptographic implementations and the most effective countermeasures that can increase security up to 18 folds.

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Evaluating Return on Investment

This webinar provides a helpful overview of FIPS 140-2, Common Criteria and DoD UC APL validations. It addresses potential challenges to the validation process, and how to strategize your validation effort to meet those challenges to maximize ROI.

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Maximizing Your Certification Investment

Corsec Chief Operating Officer Amy Nicewick and Corsec Lead Engineer Darryl Johnson provide detailed insight on maintaining your validations and certification through recertification, revalidation, and assurance continuities.

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