Common Criteria Complete Certification Solutions

Lab Selection

Not every lab and government scheme is right for your evaluation, and making the wrong choice can cost you time and money. Before you engage with a lab, talk to us. We’ll help you to select the lab and correlating scheme that best fits your needs. Corsec has extensive relationships with all the major testing labs and government schemes here and abroad; we know their requirements and timeframes, and how they operate.


  • Choose the lab and government scheme that best fits your needs
  • Because we have contacts at all the testing labs, we know who to talk to in order to get answers
  • Your evaluation stays on track and on schedule

Project Management

Corsec will manage the entire evaluation contract and processes for you, including time-consuming communications with the testing labs and government scheme, requests for additional information and documentation, and other bumps along the way.


  • Your engineers are free to work on other projects
  • Keep lab costs in check
  • Our process expertise facilitates your evaluation so it runs more smoothly

Protection Profile Selection

Corsec will add a Protection Profile selection if one exists, or we can develop a unique security target.

Document Generation

The paperwork required for Common Criteria evaluation is considerable and can be complex. Corsec can assemble your complete submission package and manage written communications with the testing lab. Corsec has secured more Common Criteria certifications than any other company; we know what information you need and how it should be assembled. We work with all the major testing labs and know how to prepare thorough documentation for each facility.


  • Ensure documentation is complete and delivered on time
  • Keep your evaluation on track
  • Free up your valuable engineering resources
  • Allows the lab to work more efficiently to expedite review

Marketing and Sales Support

Maximize the value of your Common Criteria certification with our marketing and sales consulting services. We can help your marketing team with marketing planning, including marketing and sales messaging, customer letters of intent and press releases. Corsec can educate your sales team on the specifics of Common Criteria and the value it provides so they can develop the right pitch to your target audience. Our comprehensive Competitor Validation Analysis shows you where your competition stands in terms of Common Criteria evaluation so you can gauge the competitive landscape.


  • Generate awareness and buzz around your impending certification
  • Create the right marketing messages that resonate with clients
  • Stay ahead of your competition and remain competitive in the marketplace