UC APL Services

The demand for information technology solutions that protect networks, applications, and data from intrusion and compromise has never been higher. The Department of Defense (DoD) created the Unified Capabilities Approved Products List (UC APL) in 2011 to identify solutions that can be trusted to address its security concerns. As an information technology product vendor, the DoD’s challenge is your business opportunity.

Exactly What Is the UC APL?

The UC APL is an exclusive list of information technology products that have been vetted and approved for use by the DoD. The DoD validates that these products meet its information assurance standards and successfully integrate with other solutions without introducing operational risks.

Why should you care about your product being on the UC APL? DoD agencies are obligated to select products on the list. Other government agencies and commercial businesses value the DoD’s stamp of approval and are likely to give preference to products on the UC APL. Getting your product on the UC APL gives you a leg up on your competition in the race for revenue and market share.

Getting on the UC APL

Making the grade is not easy or cheap. Products must complete a complex, rigorous 39-step process. Along the way, companies must identify the specific tasks and prerequisite certifications required for their product based on its information security category. At the same time, they must develop and submit proper forms and product documentation and pass laboratory testing – among other activities.

Under the best of circumstances, the process takes months to execute. Missteps and setbacks can extend the timeframe to years and increase the cost. Worst case, your product may never get on the UC APL.

Why Choose Corsec

Corsec removes risk from the equation. We’ve offered our UC APL services since the list was first introduced in 2011. In that time, no other firm has helped more vendors place their products on the UC APL. No one understands the process, the requirements, and the players better than we do.

What does working with Corsec mean for you? Your product will get approved faster, and you’ll spend less money, than if you go it alone. Your product team stays laser-focused on product development and support, reducing your time-to-market and time-to-revenue.

How Corsec Can Help

We offer end-to-end UC APL process support for each and every one of the 39 steps needed for approval. We’ll create a project plan that defines precisely what’s required to get your product on the UC APL. And then we’ll execute it for you. Corsec will:

  • Identify specific DoD requirements and prerequisite certifications for your product
  • Guide you through STIGs compliance and JITC testing
  • Complete and submit the necessary forms and documentation
  • Conduct pre-validation testing to eliminate problems prior to formal testing
  • Work with DoD sponsors, administrators, and testing labs on your behalf

We’re UC APL experts. We have long-standing relationships with key constituents including sponsors, the UC Certification Office, and all of the testing laboratories. We make sure your product stays on track. When you engage with us, you can be confident that we’ll get the job done right – on time, the first time – so you can take full advantage of your business opportunity.

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